Capsule Wardrobe & Fall Picks

So recently on Pinterest, I’ve been seeing a lot about these so-called “Capsule Wardrobes”. Has anyone else been seeing this trend?

In case you haven’t heard of these, I’ll fill you in on the details. Basically, you have a wardrobe made up of very limited pieces that are all basic and allow you to mix and match and make tons of new outfits.

Here’s an example:

Capsule Wardrobeimage via The Lovely Laura

I LOVE this idea of building a basic wardrobe for all seasons, and there are tons of variations on Pinterest if you search for them. I loved this one, because it had a lot of variations. There are some where they only allow for like 25 pieces…including shoes. HOW does someone cut down to that much? Not me. I love shoes. Clothes. Literally everything.

Anyways, so I am working on building my capsule wardrobe right now. Each weekend, I have been trying to go through my clothes and pick out some to get rid of or sell. I’ve been selling my clothes through Twice Clothing, but they announced this week they are closing up shop. So ThredUp is my next shot at online clothes consignment. I hope it goes well! I’ve been wanting to use some of this cash to go towards my capsule pieces that I’m lacking.

So the pieces I am focusing on buying soon to prepare for the fall season that fit within my capsule plan are black coated jeans, gray jeans (is it grey or gray?), a long basic black cardigan, black flare jeans!, gray/grey leather shorts, this beautiful striped Cupcakes & Cashmere dress (pictured below), ripped jeans, a jean jumper – yes please!, everyday taupe booties, and the perfect plaid flannel shirt. Here are my picks below:

069824d30e0582cd936b0166f931dae7 542a7ce18adfa73359cf1c523ecabda7

03e6517e5163f25a0b3d14f4e9ca1267 d78e333aa411868490d9ed03eba17ad1 874e7989aa250a148ee2eaac8edddd0a e25205469d129cc7b34298f17a6d043f 8628378ae864c32880ca9fa5970b1c6d 3449ed19f301cdc5d4328781faa8911a

I’m still on the lookout for the perfect long black cardigan, but I will keep you all posted! Also, can you tell that I’m totally fan-girling over the new Emily Schuman Cupcakes & Cashmere Nordstrom collection?! It’s becoming a problem that I want/need every single piece. #Prayforme

What would be on everyone’s capsule wardrobe buy list? Let me know your fall picks!



2 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe & Fall Picks

  1. Hi Erin, thanks for the capsule wardrobe love! I’m excited to have yet another capsule wardrobe journey to follow a long with. Are you opting for a seasonal capsule wardrobe (one you switch out every 3 months) or for a minimal year round wardrobe like the one I’m working on curating above?


    1. I would love to work towards your version of the minimal year round wardrobe, but I have a serious love for buying clothes and especially shoes. It’s going to be a huge undertaking for me!


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